Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Corporate Events

We love to host corporate events here at Iris & Dora and we have so many options to choose from. We charge a studio fee of £3 per person on top of the cost of the activity.

What to Bring:

Yourself and at least nine colleagues, beyond that, its up to you.  You are welcome to bring anything you like to eat and drink and anything you would like to eat or drink with (cups, forks, etc.).  Be as elaborate or as simple as you like.

What can you do:

Ceramic Totem Pole, Team Building Group Activity (2 sessions). £85 per piece, minimum 3 pieces. 9 – 28 guests.

Our favourite team building activity and so much fun for everyone involved. Working in groups of 3 or 4, each group makes one piece of the totem pole.  Each of the large pieces has 3 or 4 faces and is quite substantial. Totem poles are all about storytelling and we encourage your teams to work together to make the whole totem into a cohesive structure, with each separate piece working together.  Session 1 is the constructing/building session and we allow 3 hours for this. A second session a month later is for glazing the pieces and can be done by the same or different teams, we allow 2 hours for this. Once glazed and fired these totem poles can be installed either indoors or outdoors. There is a charge of £25 for mounting the pieces onto a pole ready for installation.


Ceramic Relief Panels, Team Building Group Activity (2 sessions). £20 per person, minimum 9 pieces. 9 – 36 guests.

Relief panels are striking and make excellent talking points for the office.  They offer an opportunity for groups to work together on a large scale piece of artwork. Using slabwork, each participant will create their own tile and after sketching onto paper they will then transfer their design onto clay. using coil work and carving the picture is built up into a 3 dimentional representation. We normally allow 2 hours for the first session.  Slabs of clay are rolled out in preparation and the design sketched onto the clay. Using coils of clay and modelling tools, the picture is built up into a 3 dimensional representation. A second session a month later is for glazing the pieces, we allow 2 hours for this. Once glazed and fired these tiles are then grouted onto a panel ready for mounting either indoors or outdoors. Framing is also available at an extra charge.

Pottery Painting from £10 per person, maximum 36 guests.

We have nearly 500 different items at various price points starting at £10 so your guests are free to spend as much as they are comfortable with, or you can subsidise them with a set amount and they are then free to top that up if they want to paint something larger! We allow 2 hours for this workshop, but you are welcome to hire the studio for longer at a cost of £20 per hour.

Screen Printing £22 per person, maximum 14 guests.

During this workshop each guest will create their own design and print it onto a tote bag, t-shirt or tea towel.  Items will be ready to take home on the same day. Approximately 1  1/2 to 2 hours.

Screen Printing/Pottery Painting, from £13 per person, maximum 30 guests.

This is an either/or workshop, we can accommodate 14 guests doing our screenprinting workshop whilst a further 16 guests can paint pottery. We allow 2 hours for this workshop, but you are welcome to hire the studio for longer at a cost of £20 per hour.

Knicker Decorating, £25 per person, maximum 24 guests.

We provided a selection of plain pants with something to suit everyone, including lots of laughs and cheeky fun along the way. We can show you various techniques to pimp your pants whether you are experienced with crafty things or not, there will be something new to learn and do in this session. Try appliqué, making ribbons bows, attach lace, add some sparkle with sequins, bows or buttons. No two pairs ever look the same… let your imagination run wild, or we can help you with some creative ideas. We will be on hand throughout to guide you through, or help provide inspiration. We allow 2 hours for this workshop, but you are welcome to hire the studio for longer at a cost of £20 per hour.

Canvas Painting £35 per person, maximum 18 guests.

On the evening of your night out, we’ll all paint the same design but rest assured everyone will have very individual results.   Plan on painting for 2 to 3 hours.

We provide all the supplies needed to complete a canvas and after a few hours of fun and laughter each guest will leave with a work of art they have created themselves. This activity is designed to get people to have fun painting and our easy to follow system removes the guesswork and challenge from the drawing and painting equation. If you can steadily hold a pencil then your success will be nearly guaranteed. Canvases will be ready to collect the next day (they need to dry overnight). Approximately 3 hours.

Screen Printing & Pottery Wheel, £45 per person, maximum 14 guests.

Same as the screenprinting workshop, but each guest will also get to throw a pot on the potters wheel with an experienced potter. The pot will be dip glazed, fired and ready for collection at a later date. Approximately 2 hours.

Knicker Making, £45 per person, maximum 8 guests.

Learn how to make your own knickers! In this fun workshop we’ll teach you how to make your own cute cotton knickers, from cutting the fabric to constructing them and stitching the elastic (the tricky bit!) We’ll also have a selection of trimmings for you to choose from if you’d like to adorn your pants!  We will be using sewing machines and there are some tricky bits so be prepared to concentrate! Approximately 3 hours.

Glass Fusing £65 per person, maximum 8 guests.

Designed for complete beginners.  Approximately 3 hours. You will aim to make 4 coaster or small tile sized projects (10cm square).
All materials; art glass sheet, accessory glass and equipment (including safety equipment) will be supplied.

Firing & fusing are overnight processes and will take place during the following 2 weeks. Your lovely fused glass can be collected after that.

How to Set It Up

Just email us to check availability and reserve your date. We require a £30 non-refundable deposit to secure your booking.