Baby Shower

Baby Showers

Baby showers are our favourite thing to host here at Iris & Dora…

…and planning a friend’s baby shower can be pretty stressful, you want to get everything perfect and making sure everyone has a special time.

Well we’ve made it effortless with our extensive list of great activities. Our tutors are all experienced crafters and creators in their own right so you know that you will have the best advice and guidance but we also know just how to make the workshop fun and relaxed and even the most craft-averse comfortable. We like to cater for all budgets and our workshop packages start from as little as £8pp for a 2hr workshop (including our £3 per person studio fee)

Pick a date that works best for you and your guests, send us a message ( to check studio availability.

Our baby shower options:

Ceramic Painting “One for all”, from £8 per person, min 10 – max 36 guests.

With our “One for all” baby shower, each guest can choose from over 300 blank ceramic pieces, each priced individually.

You will also be able to jointly decorate a plate for the expectant mummy as a keepsake, which can then be kept in the studio until after baby has arrived and can then have their tiny little footprints on the back (optional: £20)

We allow 2 hours for this workshop.

Your finished pieces will be dried, dipped in gloss glaze, dried again, then fired. They will be ready to collect within two weeks.

Ceramic Painting “All for One”, Approx £18 per person, min 10 – max 36 guests.

Why not gift your ‘mum to be’ and her soon to be the most unique and personal hand painted ceramics, each piece designed and decorated by her nearest and dearest friends.

The mum-to-be chooses a colour palette to her liking for everyone to use and we provide blank ceramic pieces including photo frames, family word wall plaque, mugs (for the new mums cuppa) money boxes, door plaques (for the nursery) soap dispensers, small plates, a trophy! (these are just our suggestions, you are welcome to pick any pieces you like).

Once fired these pieces are dishwasher safe. Price depends upon the pieces chosen on the day but usually works out about £15 – £18 per guest. We allow 2 hours for this workshop.

Your finished pieces will be dried, dipped in gloss glaze, dried again, then fired. They will be ready to collect within two weeks.

Mosaicing,  £30 per person, min 10 – max 36 guests.

Unlock your creativity with a Mosaic class and learn the beautiful craft of mosaic in a friendly atmosphere. You will leave with a finished piece and a good understanding of how to do mosaics. No previous experience is necessary and a wonderful array of colored tiles, and broken china are available for you to play with. Students are encouraged to bring along small sentimental objects that may possibly be incorporated into the piece they are making. All other materials and tools are provided for the day. Support is here to overcome any fears, find ideas and get started.

We allow 2 1/2 hours for this workshop.

You will take your mosaics home to grout – materials and full instructions are given.

Bunting Making, £29 per person, min 8 – max 18 guests

Perfect for crafty mums, we will show you how to create and finish a beautiful bunting to hang in the nursery.

Using our beautiful range of fabrics, trims and embellishments, with a little help and a lot of inspiration, you will get to create a garland with a real meaning for the ‘mum to be’.

This workshop can involve the use of sewing machines.

We allow 2 hours for this workshop.

Screen Printing £29 per person, min 8 – max 14 guests.

During this workshop each guest will create a design and print it onto a muslin, vest, bib or t-shirt for the new baby.  Everyone will also print a t-shirt or bag for themselves.

Imagine what a unique and awesome collection of tiny clothes the new mum is going to go home with, each one created with love especially for the tiny arrival.

Items will be ready to take home the next day. This workshop lasts approximately 2 hours.

Acrylic Pouring £35 per person, min 8 – max 18 guests.

Experience the joy of acrylic pouring in this fun, interactive workshop, You will learn the Dirty Pour, Clean Pour, Ribbon Pour, and Puddle Pour methods. We will discuss how to modify your paints with different pouring mediums and how to create different effects.

Enjoy guidance from the instructor and interaction with a small group in a studio setting. Practise on a small panel and then create your own unique artwork on a canvas.

No painting skills are needed, just a fun attitude.  Please come “dressed for mess” and wear clothes which you don’t mind getting dirty as paint might stain your clothes in the process. Aprons and gloves are provided.

This workshop lasts approximately 2 1/2 hours.

To allow adequate drying and setting, the collection of your amazing artwork will be 3 days after the workshop.

How to Set It Up

Just email us to check availability and reserve your preferred time and date. A £30 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking.