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Liberation Craft Pack Instructions

Make an airdry clay coaster

Step 1: Roll our your clay with a rolling pin until approximatley 2cm thick.

Step 2: Cut a square using a tooth pick, cocktail stick or a knife with parental help to form the shape of your coaster, a standard square coaster size is around 10 x 10cm. Don’t be afraid to create your own shape, you can experiment with making a round coaster, animals etc. If you have cookie cutters at home these are great for making different shapes.

Step 3: Carve your flag design by lightly marking this with your carving tool. You can smooth this over with your finger if you are unhappy with any of your markings and try again until you have your
perfect design.

Step 3: Blast your clay with a hairdryer until it hardens and is dry.

Step 4: Time to get painting! Remember you can mix your colours to create your own pallette.

Step 5: Wait until the paint is completely dry before using your wonderful coaster.


Step 1: Plan out your design on the fabric triangles by drawing with pencil onto the fabric.

Step 2: Time to get painting, remember you don’t have to do flag designs like us, you can get creative and have fun thinking up Guernsey inspired ideas to celebrate the day such as cows,
tomatoes, donkeys and lot’s more. The primary colours allow you to mix up your own colour pallette. As you are painting onto fabric you may need to paint a couple of layers to have a good finish!

Step 3: Wait for the paint to completely dry before threading the string through the bunting.

Step 4: You can now display your beautiful bunting!

Enjoy getting creative and remember to tag us in your photos, we would love to see your work.
Have an amazing Liberation Day!

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Childrens Party: Mosaicing

mosaic workshop

Artistic, fun and creative, your child will complete a mixed media mosaic ready to take home and hang on the wall.

Children will create and piece their mosaic from a range of pre-cut coloured tiles, buttons, found objects, shells, plastic toys and other bits and pieces.

All materials are provided although you are welcome to bring along any found items, sentimental objects, shells, seaglass etc that you would like to include.

This party runs for 1 to 1 1/2 hours and is suitable for children between the ages of 4 and 16 years although under 8’s may need a little bit of extra help.