Home Glaze Kits – Tips and Tricks


Here are a few top tips, good luck and happy painting!

  • Water – before you start painting, brush your pottery with a layer of water. This will help the paint go on more evenly.
  • Layers – Three layers is what you should aim for (unless you want a watercolour effect), this builds colour for a vibrant outcome and reduces visible brushstrokes. wait until the paint dries before applying the next layer (don’t worry, it dries quickly!)
  • Colours – Once fired, the colour of the glazes will look more vibrant than the paint in your palette. please refer to the pictures at the bottom of this document to see how they look once fired.
  • The shiny factor – we dip the pottery in a clear glaze once you have finished painting, any areas not painted will still have a shiny finish. For these home glazing kits we suggest you paint a design straight onto the pottery and avoid trying to do a base coat.
  • Pencil – you can use a pencil to draw a design on your pottery, go crazy, it will burn off in the kiln
  • Dotting – when in doubt, go dotty. dots always look fabulous! try using the other end of your paintbrush to create dots.  dots only need one layer of glaze.
  • Eyes – eyes can transform your pottery and bring soul to the piece, it is amazing what a difference it can make. they are not all black. they are mainly white with a coloured part (iris) and then a black pupil.
  • Avoid – try your best to avoid painting the rim. This is The part of the pottery which touches the table. during firing the pottery may stick to the kiln shelf and break if the rim is covered in paint.
  • FINISHING – Once finished, all items must go in our kiln to be fired. When you have completed your masterpieces, we ask you take lots of photographs before dropping them back at our drop-off point at the studio. Please understand that during this time turnaround will vary as we need to fill the kiln completely before we can fire.

We hope that these tips help you and that you have a wonderful pottery painting experience, please message us if you have any queries.

stay safe and stay creative. lots of love,

the team @ Iris and dora