toddler storytime

Preschool Activities

We believe that they are never too young to have a go at art and by introducing art on a regular basis at a young age we’re setting them up with lifelong skills, their fine motor skills improve, their writing will improve and the best part is, there’s no “right and wrong” in art so everyone succeeds.   By drawing, painting, colouring, sticking, cutting (the list is endless!) we’re keeping their minds learning and their hands busy.

Paint! Print! Play! – £6

Preschoolers are welcome to come to Paint! Print! Play! where we offer a different activity each session.

Each week we will be exploring a different artist and art style including Kandinsky, Monet, Perry, Van Gogh, Impressionism, Abstract, Dali, Chagall….

Expect this to be messy, but a lot of fun.


Booking is encouraged  for this activity as spaces are limited and to ensure we put out enough art supplies each session.

Feel free to bring along snacks and drinks and to stay as long as you like in our relaxed studio environment.

We feel that it’s very important to build confidence at an early age, and getting them to express themselves creatively is the first step.

Preschool Storytime and Pottery Painting – £6

Babies and toddlers are welcome to Iris & Dora’s story time sessions, where we read a story and then paint a piece of pottery that relates to one of the characters.

We feel that it’s very important to build creative expression at an early age, so just getting a paint brush in their tiny hands is the first step.

Classes are weekly, typically Friday mornings from 10am until 10.40am between September and March.  Book here.
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toddler storytime