Denyse McGahy

Why should you vote for me on the 16th November?

I believe that I would be a great douzenier, I am passionate about town and St Peter Port and I feel that putting people first is key.

I am a proud Guernsey girl, I grew up in the Bouet and am still living there today. For the last 10 years I have been running a small business on the outskirts of the parish and have recently opened a second location in the centre of town. Since I’ve been in town I have been saddened to see how empty and spiritless some areas have become and I would like to play a part in re-invigorating what was once the heart of St Peter Port.

Even although I have only been based in the arcade since mid-August I have already set about bringing a bit of colour and joy to the area, and love it or hate it, if you were in town on the evening of the 31st October, you will know very well how successful some of my activities have been.

Please don’t mistake a lack of campaigning and information as a lack of passion or intent, I’m just more of a doer than a sayer.